Altis entregue ao Bruno

Sinceramente, acho que o resultado final ficou nice. Quem me dera que a minha primeira fixed tivesse esta qualidade.
Da bicicleta original aproveitou-se: quadro e garfo; crankset (a trocar em breve) e pedais; avanço e guiador; travão da frente, espigão e selim.
Levou novo: par de rodas de 30mm de perfil com cubo fliflop atrás; corrente de 1/8'', toe clips, pneus, fita do guiador e manete de travão.

cinelli team


Cannondale Track

via cycleangelo

five gold

SOFB magazine - online

Deixo aqui o link para os três números da revista SOFB, mais na onda do freestyle:





novos cubos Velo Orange

bom aspecto a 75$ o de trás e 65$ o da frente

t-shirts VeloDeath

os nossos amigos de são paulo não brincam e criaram estas tshirts:


Well Dressed Summer (2011)

On a fine summers day in late 2010 we got together for a ride and a few beers for the launch of the Well Dressed Vandals 2010/11 Summer Collection.


selins Brooks Team Pro Classic

 2 selins Brooks Team Pro Classic

selim.1: usado,com marcas na pele e ferrugem na parte de metal mas estruturalmente bom 
preço: 35€  VENDIDO

selim.2: usado, pele sem marcas e pouca ferrugem no metal, estruturalmente bom
preço:40€  VENDIDO

Freeride Kid

Freeride Kid from andrea vil on Vimeo.

Projecto Altis fixed

orgulhosamente apresento a primeira conversão:

frameset: Altis Columbus aelle 55x55
seatpost: altis;
saddle: selle italia Altis;
crankset: solida 170mm;
chainring: solida 42T 3/32;
toe clips: christophe;
chain: ventura 1/8''
stem and handlebar Atax Altis;
dia-compe goldfinger;
wheelset: weinmann dp18;
rubino pro III,
cog 16T


Project Aura: Bicycle Safety Lighting System

Project Aura: Bicycle Safety Lighting System from Project AURA on Vimeo.

Riding at night can be a daunting and dangerous task; many biking commuters are faced with the issue of being obscured when riding on the streets. Visibility at night is a vital component of biker safety, hence the need for reflectors and attachable lights. However, some of these devices are not always effective especially from the side.

We created a system that requires very little rider input and maintenance, while increasing the visual footprint of bikers from all directions especially from the side. We accomplished this by expanding the surface area of light emitted through the use of RGB LEDs inside the rims of the wheels that change from red when slowing down to white when at cruising speed.

It should be noted that Project Aura is a lighting system which allows a rider to be seen, but does not replace a forward facing headlight to illuminate the roadway. By law (in Pennsylvania, the laws vary state by state) a front headlamp and rear reflector are required, use of a rear blinky is up to the rider‘s discretion.


People For Bikes

We’re all united by a shared passion: bikes. Bikes keep us healthy, carry us from point A to point B, save us from high gas prices, and make our air cleaner and our roads less congested. Bikes fill our lives with adventure and excitement, relaxing our minds and energizing our souls.

Peopleforbikes.org is dedicated to channeling that passion to improve the future of bicycling. Our goal is to gather a million names of support, to speak with one, powerful voice—to make bicycling safer, more convenient and appealing for everyone.
Simply put, we believe that life is far more enjoyable when it’s experienced on two wheels. We believe that by coming together, we can make our world a better place to ride.

People for Bikes from BLACK SWAN on Vimeo.


alkr® Work Sessions: Fixed Gear London

alkr® | Work Sessions - Fixed Gear London from alkr on Vimeo.

pedais Gipiemme Sprint

Gipiemme Sprint 
preço: 40€ VENDIDO

espigão selim Campagnolo Athena

Campagnolo Athena 26.8 
preço: 50€ VENDIDO

manetes travão

manetes de travão 22.2
preço 15€

roda livre

roda livre 16 dentes
preço: 10€

carretos fixos

carretos fixos aço
preço: 15€

Quadro Masil 54x54

este quadro nunca foi montado mas tem diversas marcas na pintura de ter estado armazenado.
Tamanho 54x54.
Inclui: quadro, garfo e caixa de direcção.
preço 60€ VENDIDO


Todas as rodas vêm espaçadas para 100 (frente) e 120 (trás).
Para comprar só uma roda, entrem em contacto. Os autocolantes saem com bastante facilidade.
- cubos novatec de flange alta;
- aros DP18 30mm de perfil;
- aros Pegasus 40mm de perfil;
- todas as rodas inclui um cog de 18 e lockring;
Laçadas em fabrica com 32 raios. Aros Weinmann e cubos novatec:

- set.1 aros Weinmann dp18 30mm pretos maquinados; - cubo Novatec preto fixed/free; raios pretos; inclui cog 18T e lockring; 180€ par preço: 180€

- set.2 aros Weinmann dp18 30mm silver maquinados; - cubo Novatec silver fixed/free; - raios silver; inclui cog 18T e lockring; 180€ par

- set.3 aros Weinmann dp18 30mm brancos maquinados; - cubo Novatec branco fixed/free; - raios pretos; inclui cog 18T e lockring; 180€ par

- set.4 aro weinmann Pegasus 40mm preto não maquinados; - cubo Novatec preto fixed/free; - raios pretos; inclui cog 18T e lockring; 190€ par

- set.5 aro weinmann Pegasus 40mm branco não maquinados; - cubo Novatec preto fixed/free; - raios pretos; inclui cog 18T e lockring; 190€ par