carbono NJS

The first official issue of the BOMA carbon frame bike race on September 23, 2011
July 2007, then revived 48 years after women's keirin. Official frame of steel Keirin was only ever in Guilin Girls are likely to be saying that you want to use carbon frames from glamorous appeal of the race. This time, L'ECLAT track frame of BOMA (Eclat) high-performance, high durability is proven, NJS (Japan Keirin Association) standards path. Was registered as the first official bicycle racing frame is made ​​of carbon BOMA. (End of reprint).

I've read the above topics, would be only a GIRL'S KEIRIN. NJS certified frames that carbon is accordingly, what is also registered as a new carbon fiber parts? I would worry. The future If we are open to men (I do not think it is), I completely changed the landscape in Guilin.

Price 231,000 yen (including tax) and that ※ Frame Set + seat post.

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